The IES hospital and healthcare portfolio is broad and diverse. Since we have provided services on some of the largest and most complex healthcare projects in Texas, we understand the challenges and goals associated with these types of facilities.

UTHSA Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies

San Antonio, Texas


SF: 109,600 SF

The109,600 square footstate-of-the-artBarshop Instituteis known asone of the top institutions in thecountry for research on longevity and aging studies. Thesmall animal/rodent vivarium is acentralfeature of the facilitythatsupportsresearch in the four primary areas of aging studies. The vivariumconsistsof two suites: Non-ITP Barrier and ITP Barrier based on the requirements of the currentresearch studies. Holding rooms and procedure rooms of varying sizes designed for future flexibility arein each suite. This area also providesofficeand support spaces for staff. Research laboratories areplanned as open wet labs to promote collaboration amongresearchers.An open-air bridge above FloydCurl Drive connectsto the South Texas Research Facility.The Barshop Institute for Longevity & AgingStudieswasa collaborativedesign byAlamo Architects andTreanorHL.

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