Shadow Day

On October 14th, IES participated in the 2022 San Antonio College A/E Job Shadow Day.  Structural EIT Alex Mackey welcomed SAC engineering students Justin Garcia and Cody Mitchell for a day of practical insight into structural engineering that included a tour of the IES office, a look at Revit and RISA programs used daily in structural design, followed by a site visit to a project where the roof steel beams were being erected.  IES staff was excited to share time and expertise to give the students an up-close look at the structural engineering profession and hope the students gained some valuable insight toward guiding their academic direction. 

IES asked the students for their perspectives on structural engineering and what sparked their interest in the field for which Cody Mitchell responded, “I have always had an affinity for math and careers that utilized that skill appealed to me. The chance to create something useful and lasting for my community is an exciting idea.”  When asked why a structural engineer is necessary in the design of a building, Cody went on to say, “Without competent designs, buildings wouldn’t stand for very long – I appreciate living in a world where I can trust the roof over my head.”

In regards, to structural integrity, IES asked the students if they had any special buildings that they admired.  Justin Garcia said, “skyscrapers because they are tall and need to be more stable, it requires structural engineers to put a lot of thought into the design”.  Cody was more deliberate in his answer, stating a personal favorite of his was the Frost Bank tower in Austin with the glass and steel structure on top that stands iconic in the Austin skyline.  In the future, Cody remarked that he thought the structural engineer’s role will expand based on where we build and the type of climates we design for.  Justin added that he thought structural design for hospitals and skyscrapers will continue to evolve and adjust with the times. 

Being a part of shadow day is always a treat for IES and we hope the students leave with a better understanding and respect for the engineering profession in general. 

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