Beyond Structural Design: Environmental Psychology

Beyond Structural Design - Environmental Psychology

The shape of the room you are in. The height of the ceiling. The lighting fixtures in your office. Whether or not your office window’s open. The width of the corridors. All of those design elements affect how comfortable you feel in a building and how productive you can be in an office space or how comfortable you may feel in a public space.

IES: Engineering a Greener Future for Hemisfair Park

IES - Engineering a Greener Future for Hemisfair Park

The history of Hemisfair Park began in 1968. Located in the heart of San Antonio, Hemisfair was created as a venue for the many great attractions that made up the World’s Fair that year. Hemisfair’s 147 acres made for a fantastic fairground, but shortly after the fair ended, the downtown park was largely abandoned by locals and tourists alike, and remained virtually unchanged for more than 40 years.