History & Culture

IES is building communities from the ground up because our roots began in San Antonio, Texas

ESTABLISHED IN 1999, IES has, over the years, exhibited steady growth, beginning with 13 employees when we started and growing to over 35 employees today.


Initially providing engineering services for building projects to the local community, the firm has earned a reputation as an active member of the design team, providing innovative engineering solutions responsive to the project design, project schedule and budgetary constraints. Our progress as a firm has been made possible not just because of the caliber of our engineering professionals and quality of our drawings, but also because of how we work with clients.


Our service is built on communication and responsiveness. This is what distinguishes IES from others. Regardless of fees or scope, we will always take care of our client. This was true when we established our practice in 1999, and it remains true today. Our service support truly sets us apart.




Dedicated to delivering quality structural and civil engineering services that bring architectural visions to life. At IES, we are always learning and always improving. Some things, however, will never change: our high standards, our core values, and our commitment to our clients and the community.