We’re IES Fit | IES Health Screening

On April 14th,  IES hosted our first Health Screening Event of the year, to inspire our employees to make IES a healthier work environment!

Our HR Department teamed up with our health insurance provider, Humana to offer a FREE Health Screening to those employees wanting to participate. Just a quick 10-minute visit with a certified health care professional and finger prick, provided each of us with a valuable snapshot of our health. A healthy breakfast was provided afterward to those who participated. (Fasting is never fun)

The screening included the following information:

  • Height / Weight / Waist Circumference
  • Cholesterol/ Glucose Test (fasting is recommended, not required)
  • Blood Pressure
  • BMI Calculation (via Humana Vitality)                 
  • Results Consultation

Depending on our individual results we were informed about ways to improve our overall health, from introducing exercise to our daily routines, to cutting out unhealthy eating habits, to simply adding a few new foods to our diet, we could make significant changes in our overall health over time.

As a special incentive all participating IES employees were automatically entered into a drawing a for a brand new Fit Bit Charge HR, to continue to inspire our employees to make healthy choices.

Our drawing winner was Jeff Leaf of our Civil Engineering Team.

We look forward to adding several other Health Events over the course of 2015.

Here’s to your health !!


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