Understanding Site Development

At IES, our clients’ needs and goals always come first. In order to give them what they ask for and what they ultimately envision in a timely manner, it is our mission to find the best solutions that are both cost-effective and operational. That means we need to spend quality time investigating the project site and what needs to be changed and developed to make the project work. Depending on the project and site location, many factors must be taken into consideration.

  • Traffic flow
  • Commuting Access (including parking, if applicable)
  • Structural Limitation
  • Environmental Surroundings

It’s our job to find and use the best practices and tap into our extensive experience to make our game plan. Depending on the locality, we must also consider water run-off and substructure. All of these preliminary tasks add up to a lot of work before a proposal can even be put into place. While the approach may seem slow, these undertakings are of the utmost importance when a project is about to be developed. After the site is investigated and a plan is put into place, we can begin the studies needed to get the ball rolling. Taking time to correctly identify any issues and taking care of the complications that are identified may include applying for permits in order to get construction underway. Once the action plan is in place, then the all-important development can begin. At IES, we will always work closely with the client and the design team or firm to make sure that the project is cohesive. We have worked on a large variety of sites, including healthcare campuses, college and university campuses – and related parking structures, residential, civic, and retail, industrial, and other commercial developments. You can rest assured that IES has the right team and experience to do the job right.


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