Switch Your Career Now: Become an Engineer

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Engineering is more exciting than you might think. Defined as the application of scientific knowledge to practical problems, engineering is about problem solving, designing, and building. Engineering is there to help us understand the science behind reality, human nature, and the universe. It’s a field that’s constantly evolving and always in demand.

What makes engineering so different than so many other jobs is that you’re the one responsible for designing a solution to a complex problem, and always doing so in a practical and cost effective way. It’s a highly creative field full of problem solvers, communicators, and designers that are software savvy and rely on rational decision making.

Here are ten reasons to join the field of engineering:

1. Income: Engineers are among the top-paid professionals in the world.
2. Prestige: You’ll join the ranks of a respected profession that supports global competitiveness, job security, and rising living standards.
3. Professionalism: You’ll receive great training and have access to advanced technology and information that can help you in your career and personal life.
4. Flexibility: You’ll be in a field that offers choice. Engineering has several practice areas to choose from, including structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and computer science engineering.
5. Intellectual Development: In school, you’ll learn about engineering, of course, but you’ll also learn about different sciences, arts and languages. During your professional career, problem solving and critical thinking are some skills you’ll acquire in the field.
6. Entrepreneurship: Engineering training exposes you to the world of finance and marketing, which are essential skills to gain for the engineer who wants to open their own company and be their own boss.
7. Challenge: Engineering provides obstacles that require creativity and logical analysis skills. You’ll need to find a solution and defend it.
8. Creativity: Engineering is the art of science. You’ll need to be creative to come up with solutions to problems concerning design and development.
9. Discovery: By figuring out how something works, or doesn’t work, you’ll discover things you didn’t expect to learn.
10. Demand: Jobs in engineering are always in high demand, especially if you’re smart and want to be involved in a profession that benefits society.

If you’re already in an established career, it may seem tedious to go back to school and start over again, but the results may be in your favor in the long run. However, if you’re a high school student or just beginning your college career, now is the time to jump ship and consider engineering. It’s out there, waiting for you!


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