Football field

Case Study: Kyle Field Renovations

On college campuses across the country, December marks the end of the fall semester and the end of another season of college football. At Texas A&M University, December also means the end of another successful season of Aggie football, and the second season in the newly renovated Kyle Field. The renovation of Kyle Field, completed […]

UTSA building

IES Continues Successful Collaboration with UT System

Our team at IES is proud to have commenced work with two great architectural firms, Alamo Architects and Treanor HL, for the new Engineering & Science Building on The University of Texas at San Antonio campus. We will be providing structural engineering services for this new building, which will help fulfill UTSA’s vision of providing […]


Halloween Projects for Little Engineers

Need some ideas for fun and educational activities to do with your children this Halloween? Here are a few that are perfect for the child that expresses interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education. Ghost Dance: Give your children a lesson in static electricity with this spooky ghost experiment. Have your kids cut […]


IES Project Spotlight: UTRGV School of Medicine

UTHSC SOUTH TEXAS MEDICAL ACADEMIC BUILDING, THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS RIO GRANDE VALLEY IES is proud to announce our latest project for the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley: Phase I of the UTRGV School of Medicine. IES led both structural and civil engineering for the Medical Academic Building and Auditorium comprising a combined 88,000 […]

SA International Airport

Beyond Structural Design: Environmental Psychology

The shape of the room you are in. The height of the ceiling. The lighting fixtures in your office. Whether or not your office window’s open. The width of the corridors. All of those design elements affect how comfortable you feel in a building and how productive you can be in an office space or […]

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The Benefits of an Engineering Degree

An engineering degree can sound like a daunting career choice: long hours of study, difficult courses and a rigorous academic schedule. The light at the end of the tunnel is a rewarding career of helping your community and building a better, safer, and more productive world. Here are some of the benefits of majoring in […]

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Encouraging STEM for Kids

If your child loves science, technology, engineering and mathematics – STEM for short – then you may have a future engineer on your hands. With kids getting ready to go back to school, you still have time to reinforce and foster child’s love of STEM at home. Here are a few ways to keep your […]

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Engineering Terminology: Sustainable Design

It’s no secret that not all building projects have the environment in mind. Sustainable Design aims to bridge the gap between effective architectural design and thoughtful consideration of the environment. Sustainable Design is not just concerned with strategic building location, but also about the final project’s consumption of resources like energy and water and the […]

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IES: Engineering a Greener Future for Hemisfair Park

The history of Hemisfair Park began in 1968. Located in the heart of San Antonio, Hemisfair was created as a venue for the many great attractions that made up the World’s Fair that year. Hemisfair’s 147 acres made for a fantastic fairground, but shortly after the fair ended, the downtown park was largely abandoned by […]

AT&T Center - Entrance

Client Spotlight: Hospitality Projects

IES has delivered innovative and efficient designs for several types of hospitality projects and related facilities, including hotels, resorts, and other public meeting spaces. Our portfolio demonstrates an ability to meet the high expectations of hotel and resort developers, and to respect the uniqueness of their projects. GRAND HYATT This project consisted of a new, […]

Mission Concepcion Sports Park

Visit These Outdoor Places This Summer

Warm weather is something all San Antonio residents are used to. The 100 degree heat we experience here isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We get to wear shorts, enjoy cold beverages, and plan more outdoor activities. IES has provided services to many outdoor spots in and around San Antonio. Here’s a look at a few […]

Road in the desert

Engineering Terminology: Land Surveying

Surveying is the science of measurement and mapping of our surrounding environment in order to service construction projects. Land Surveying adopts scientific methods, modern equipment, and technologies to determine three dimensional positions of natural and man-made features situated above and beneath earth surface. The main working tools and technologies used in land surveying are total […]


How Facility Assessment Can Save Your Business

The objective of a Facilities Assessment, also known as Property Condition Assessment, is to identify physical deficiency with a specific property. It is the process conducted to provide thorough information about all current building deficiencies, from structure to systems and then to estimate the costs associated with renewal, repair, and code compliance. The process measures […]

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Switch Your Career Now: Become an Engineer

Engineering is more exciting than you might think. Defined as the application of scientific knowledge to practical problems, engineering is about problem solving, designing, and building. Engineering is there to help us understand the science behind reality, human nature, and the universe. It’s a field that’s constantly evolving and always in demand. What makes engineering […]

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The Difference between Civil and Structural

There are many branches within the engineering field. The four major disciplines include Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, and Electrical engineering. Under the general category of Civil engineering falls the specialty, Structural engineering. Although slightly different, there is some confusion between the two occupations. Civil engineering and Structural engineering are two disciplines in the field of engineering […]

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