How IES Helped San Antonio Students Get to College

CAFÉ COLLEGE in San Antonio Texas

IES has a reputation of reliability, innovation, and responsiveness with all clients, but we couldn’t have built this reputation without the hard work that was put into our higher education projects. These projects, which include academic structures, performing arts structures, and more, make up a large portion of our portfolio. We are proud to have such a large higher education resume because of the benefits these projects provide for our youth.

As students head back to school this month, we’d like to look back at the structural and civil engineering services we provided for Café College, a center dedicated to promoting college access for San Antonio area students. The center was built to make enrollment and other college requirements easier for middle and high school students. It includes a coffee bar, lounge area, information center, as well as classrooms and conference rooms, and a computer lab. Café College assists about 10-12,000 students annually who need assistance transitioning into college at a smoother pace.

In September, the 25,000 SF structure will turn seven years old. IES is proud to have been a part of this experience and congratulates Café College for another year of success. We are very proud of projects like this that go towards helping the youth of our city, especially in regards to their educational advancement.

At IES, we take pride in always learning and improving. We have high standards, strong core values, and a commitment to our clients and the community. If you would like to speak to someone about our structural and civil engineering services, please call IES today at 210-349-9098. We may also be reached at our McAllen location at 956-682-4645.


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