IES Gives Multiple Presentations on the New Large Scale Testing Facility at UTSA

On 10/18/17, Justice Edge, PE (Partner at IES) was the speaker at the membership meeting for the San Antonio Chapter of the American Concrete Institute (ACI). Mr. Edge’s presentation was on the “New Large Scale Testing Facility at UTSA”. UTSA has begun construction on the 15,500sf Large-Scale Structural Testing Facility located at the north end of Resident Parking Lot #4. This facility will consist of a high-bay testing space and associated support spaces. It will contain a 3,040sf strong-floor that will be capable of placing 1-million and 4-million pound test loads on structural components. The strong floor will consist of an upper and lower concrete mat slab separated by concrete walls forming a concrete box. The upper slab is 3 feet thick (1-million pound load zone) with a 5’-4” thick segment for the 4-million pound load. The walls connecting the slabs are 2 feet thick. This facility will be among the current few in the United States that can provide research of this magnitude on construction materials and methods. The project will add new research capacity for the UTSA Civil Engineering department and will allow the department to expand faculty and research programs. This facility will generate revenue from grants, the construction industry, and agencies like the Texas Department of Transportation. If you missed Mr. Edge’s presentation, he will be giving it again at noon on 11/21/17 membership meeting for the San Antonio Chapter of the Structural Engineer’s of Texas (SEAoT) at the Old San Francisco Steak House at 10223 Sahara Dr., San Antonio, TX 78216.


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