Fun Engineering Facts

The Snowboard was invented by an Engineer
The snowboard has become a wonder of geometry, chemistry, and biomechanics. Due to its design, it allows the athlete to make precise turns with less exertion.

Running Shoes are Designed by Engineers
Engineers determine how much force travels from the pavement through the shoe to the foot. Through their calculations and design, weight is dispersed through the entire foot, allowing better performance and comfort.

Thank an Engineer for that fun Water Slide

A water slide uses a pump to circulate the correct amount of water to go down the slide.  There is no ride without the right amount of water. The slide is also designed to handle the weight of people and water combined.

The Launch and Return of Spacecraft is an Engineering Victory
The Space program has changed the world. It would not be possible without the progress by engineers in materials, structures, computers and energy.

The Ferris Wheel is One of the Greatest Engineering Wonders

The very first Ferris Wheel was created by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania engineer, George W. Ferris, in 1893. The 140-foot steel towers and 45 foot axle was the largest piece of constructed steel at the time.

Engineers make Interactive Television possible
You can thank an engineer for your choice of over 500 channels, great sound quality and gaming systems. This technology is an example of advancements in engineering.

Engineers play an Instrumental Role in Theme Parks

Engineers are involved in designing, building, lighting, and even crowd control at theme parks all over the world.

Companies use Engineers to form Virtual Reality and Simulation

This technology is what is allowing the proliferation of virtual offices, computer simulation and 3-D projects.

Bioengineers create new and exciting Medical Technology

Engineers calculate and design technology that allows the use of virtual reality to aid surgeons in many procedures, such as reconstruction of facial birth defects.

Engineers and Animators Work Together on your favorite Movies

Computer engineers work alongside animators to create special effects in the movie industry.  This “morphing” technology allows digital images to look real.



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