Engineer Spotlight: Leaving a Legacy Through Engineering

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Meet Jizella San Andres, an Engineer-In-Training for Intelligent Engineering Services (IES). An Engineer-In-Training is a graduate of an engineering program and has passed the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) examination. But in Jizella’s situation, she took and passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, granting her an FE. We asked Jizella to share a little about herself, her aspirations, and what she currently does at IES.


What’s your title and describe what you do in your current work situation?

I am an (EIT) Engineer-In-Training, working as a Project Engineer in the Structural department of IES. As a project engineer, I analyze structural loads, and design appropriate structural systems and construction details.


Why did you choose engineering?

Both of my parents were engineers. I was inspired to be like them. My mom was an aerodrome engineer and my dad was an electrical engineer. My mom handled all the major airports all over the Philippines and my dad managed power for the US embassy in the Philippines. I wanted to contribute something significant to people’s lives. I wanted to be part of something big… Leave a legacy even when I am not in this world anymore.


What do you like best about being an engineer?

The best thing about being an engineer is when I have successfully found a solution to a problem. Some problems can get overwhelming and I would get the feeling that it’s just impossible. But, I know that feeling is just in my mind. There’s always a solution to any problem.


What’s your educational background and what got you to where you are now?

When I graduated from high school, I had two interests: engineering and arts. I majored in Electrical Engineering then later changed my major to Digital Art Design. Later on, I got bored with arts and found out arts was just a hobby for me. So when I had the opportunity to go back to engineering, I did a lot of research about the different types and chose Civil Engineering. I studied Civil Engineering at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and graduated spring of 2016. (Fun fact: I went to college in the Philippines when I was 16 years old.)


Describe your history with IES.

I started at IES as an intern and worked with several different project managers. As a project engineer, I work for one project manager. I have been in IES for two years! Time flies so fast.


What advice would you give to other aspiring engineers?

Learn to work in a team. Engineers are known to be introverts, but working as an engineer, you have to coordinate your work with other disciplines. Develop teamwork skills.
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