Creating Space with Parking Structures

Assimilating a parking structure into a tight spaces, such as college campus or a downtown area, is something we at IES excel at. At IES, we have the experience in the planning and design for such ventures and are able to implement a plan with our team of engineers.

IES was hired for our expertise in the building and implementation of the Alamo Colleges Parking Structure for San Antonio College (SAC).  Part of their capital improvement campaign, we finished the project in 2008.  The price tag came in at almost 15 million dollars, a small portion of their 450 million dollar bond that was approved by Bexar County voters in 2005.  Boasting 5 parking levels and over 360,000 s.f., the project afforded students, faculty and visitors eleven hundred additional on-campus parking spaces.  The design was in keeping with the vision of the Alamo Colleges and featured two glass elevators and a red brick exterior, complementing the look of the original campus.  The overall design plan was that it should fit into the SAC atmosphere, and it hit the mark perfectly.

Prior to this, IES provided services for the City of San Antonio’s St. Mary’s Street Parking Garage in downtown San Antonio.  This particular garage was proposed at 6 levels high and offered over 700 new parking spaces to downtown visitors and employees.  The cost was just over 8 million dollars and much of that money is being recouped with ground-level retail and office space.  Knowing that parking in the downtown area is a limited commodity, we were thrilled to be a part of a project that helps San Antonio grow by leaps and bounds.

At IES, our civil and structural engineers, along with our support staff, work closely with architects and project managers.  Our goal is to offer the very best in design, planning, and management of functional developments that help our community and those communities around us.



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