Does your building work for you? Consider Facility Assessment.

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IES conducts investigation and evaluation services associated with both existing buildings and new structures. We meet the needs of property owners and managers, developers, public institutions, contractors and prospective buyers. Our Facility Assessment services include change of use in occupancy, verification of structural integrity, re-adaptation of existing facilities and upgrades to existing mechanical systems. Often times these require strengthening or repair of existing structural framing systems to accommodate the proposed changes. Our team utilizes highly skilled engineers to assess existing conditions and provide recommendations and/or design documents for the necessary improvements.

The goal of facility assessment is to create a plan that will help your establishment prepare for expenses and keep your facilities running in excellent condition. A typical, comprehensive assessment will look at the building’s current state and will forecast the expected life of the building’s assets from the roof to the foundation. It will help you understand the short and long term expenditures necessary for determining cost, and will evaluate maintenance and replacement cost.

It is important to have your facility assessed periodically if you are diligent about updating and maintaining a facility plan. The assessment helps establish a baseline on the condition of buildings, from exterior to interior – helping you be prepared to predict, prevent and manage maintenance issues.

Facility assessments are performed by engineers and/or architects depending on the scope. After a site visit, these professionals will explain in detail the observations that were made, including deficiencies, improvements and replacements, associated estimated costs and the life expectancy of the building. In order to help you and your team, typically, recommendations will be offered to you in the form of an executive summary, cost estimates and an assessment narrative.

A professional facility assessment is one way you can help ensure your business or organization will thrive for years to come. If you have any questions about our process or how we can help, please contact IES today.


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